A Brief Break

I watched a few more films after the Unknown, but never posted about them. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them, and I don’t feel compelled to watch them again solely to write something, so I’ll just enter it in the Captain’s Log.

I saw October (dir. Sergei Eisenstiein). I remember this film being ambitious but incoherent and a bit of a chore to watch.

The Jazz Singer (dir. Alan Crosland) wasn’t much better. This was on the list due to it being the first feature-length “talky”. There wasn’t much to say about it besides its historical significance.

Napoleon (dir. Abel Gance) was a mountain of a movie. A mountain I can not yet climb. It’s so long (378 minutes) and so many scenes drag on for far too long. I got as far as the ships in the rain scene and had to call it quits. Perhaps another time I will revisit.

I remember very little of The Kid Brother (dir. Harold Lloyd).

The Crowd (dir. King Vidor) I remember being struck by its themes – namely the crushing enormity of New York City and also James Murray’s resemblance to Ray Liotta. This is one I would consider watching again, as I do remember being moved by it. I loved the Big Parade (same director) so it’s no surprise I also enjoyed this film.

The Docks of New York (dir. Josef von Sternberg) I remember being very succinct. It feels like it inspired On The Waterfront. I should probably revisit this film in the future, but there is so much more to watch.

And finally, An Andalusian Dog (dir. Luis Buñuel) seems to be known for its image of an eye being sliced with a knife. I don’t recall much else about this film besides some of its surrealistic imagery.

Ok – now on to Joan of Arc and some more detailed output.

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