As the self-proclaimed “little king of cosmic folk,” Ryan Rickenbach has a lot to live up to.  It also begs the question: What the hell is cosmic folk?

“Well it sounds nice,” Rickenbach explains. “It makes people stop and think a bit. I don’t know if I can elaborate beyond cosmic folk being a unique expression of the universal.”

And the little king monicker? 

“I was born Ryan, which is Gaelic for ‘Little King’. You can either choose a new name or live up to the one given to you. By forgoing a more traditional path in life in favor of creating music, I feel like I’m meeting that challenge. I’m my own little king, creating my own little cosmos.”

praise for adelaide

“New York-based singer-songwriter Ryan Rickenbach fell into my playlist through many suggestions and his voice is so melodic and he is seriously my new obsession. His single “Adelaide” is beautiful and the music video is equally as incredible.” – The New Nine

“The lyrics are rich and Ryan’s vocal performance is rather moving. From start to finish it’s a chilling experience, boasting Ryan’s incredible songwriting abilities.” – Gems and Secrets

“The melody is well-crafted and Rickenbach’s falsetto singing is emotive and balanced. The ‘little king of cosmic folk’ has created a stirring sound with ‘Adelaide’…” – Staccatofy

“Watching this and listening brought tears to my eyes yet a sense of acknowledging the mystery of our existence. With a gentle start and the beautiful vocals of Ryan that drew me in to really connect to this song.” – Music Injection

“Breathtaking” – Skope Mag

“‘A beautiful hymn and dedication to a friend, […] ambitions to which we all […] aspire to acquire.” – Come Here Floyd

“Wistfully beautiful” – Live for Live Music

“The space melodies in the background of the song makes it so special. I love it. And the video is so interesting, fitting perfectly for this cosmic song.” – Start Track

“This song is lush. I haven’t thought that about a song written in the past 30 years I don’t think. But honestly, Rickenbach brings a composer’s brilliance to this folky pop sound. It feels like something I should be spinning on vinyl between discs from Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles. It’s really a delightful sound with love-filled lyrics that are sure to put a smile on your face.” – Ear To Ground Music

praise for stasis ep

“Seriously, you could place this alongside some of the best of that early 1970’s stuff, and it would fit well, Ryan’s voice having just the right quality […] The lines ‘I don’t beg/I don’t borrow/I just steal’ had me laughing aloud the first time I listened to this disc, and have made me smile each time since.” – Michael Doherty

“Rickenbach’s fun and playful sound will steal your heart with its country twang guitars and heartwarming lyrics.” – EatSleepBreatheMusic

“Ryan Rickenbach is a talented singer songwriter with every ounce of charisma in the world. He just stole it all and threw it into this recording. With a flair for the dramatic and some stellar delivery, one gets the distinct sense that Rickenbach’s show would be an absolute joyful experience. He’s gonna a little Harry Connick Jr. in him, for damn sure. If you’re interested in bluesy pop, Rickenbach is the man for you.” – Ear To Ground Music


The New Nine

Bar9 Hell’s Kitchen